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Succession Planning

Plan your rules of succession in advance and avoid surprises from the outset. We offer you individual solutions for the tax-efficient transfer of assets.

Succession decisions are often postponed or agreements made without knowing the tax implications. If succession then arises, this often leads to negative inheritance tax consequences. So don't miss the opportunity for a tax-efficient transfer of assets.

Make provision for it now so that you are prepared in the case of emergency. Plan your succession now and use the planned succession as an effective management tool. Take advantage today of the tax benefits under the inheritance tax reform.

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Taxation of foreign earnings

Distribute your tax load correctly and avoid double taxation on foreign income. We offer customised solutions for your foreign tax reporting.

Anyone working abroad or receiving income from the EU or a third country may still be subject to German taxation. Knowledge of international tax treaties is crucial for this.

This proactive approach allows you to identify tax burdens early on. With our help, solve tax problems related to sending employees abroad, or relating to the net wage agreements of the so-called expatriates or any tax issues related to the declaration of cross-border activities and other foreign affairs.

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Focus on family businesses

Create a balance between growth opportunity and stability for your family business. We will help you develop targeted strategies for successful business management.

If you are running a family business you must reconcile business and family interests. Personal preferences are often at the centre of decisions that are taken by families and partners alike.

Sustainability and growth factors are critical for your business success. Moreover, family businesses often require a higher level of security. We will help you to minimise liabilities and tax burdens whilst assessing business opportunities and risks.

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